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What to Consider When Renovating a Bathroom
Carpenter February 28 2023

What to Consider When Renovating a Bathroom

Bathroom renovations can be daunting, especially for amateurs. Any home renovations can be time-consuming, costly, and risk home damage if you don’t know what you are doing. This becomes even more difficult when working around piping and other hazards.However, when you have the right amount of training and the proper tools, anything is possible.At Melbourne Construction Solutions, we’re everything you want when looking for a renovator or carpenter. Melbourne suburbs are our specialty, so if you’re a Melbourne resident in need of bathroom revamps or any other renovations, get in touch today.  

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Before you make the call and begin a bathroom renovation, it’s important to take the time to think and consider what you want out of it. Backtracking even small renovations can be costly and time-consuming, or sometimes even impossible, so it’s essential that you take some time aside to ponder.If you don’t already have something in mind, the internet is a great place to do some research. There are many bathroom renovation ideas out there, such as altering flooring or walling, installing a new shower, sink or bathtub, and many more options. The only right decision is the one that suits you! If you’re unsure how you can make your desired renovation work, get in touch with our friendly team and we can work together on a solution.    

Working Around Tiles, Pipes and Other Bathroom Hazards

One thing that makes bathroom renovations so difficult, is the hazards you have to work around. Tiling, piping and glass mirrors are just some of them. Damages to these can be at best costly and time-consuming, and at worst a disaster. There are few things worse than having a leaking pipe flooding your home – especially if your bathroom also contains electrical components.To avoid damaging these parts of the bathroom, it’s best to work with someone with professional experience. They will have both the tools and expertise to work around these hazards without causing damage.  

Staying Safe

When renovating a bathroom, safety should be a top priority, both throughout the renovation process and in the final result. Water, slippery surfaces, glass and electricity can be fatal when combined. One consideration is the use of non-slip flooring in shower or bathing areas to reduce the risk of slipping and falling. If your home includes people with mobility issues, it may be a good idea to install handrails as an aid.It’s also important to ensure that all electrical components are properly grounded and located in a dry area with no risk of splashing.By keeping safety a priority, you can ensure a safe bathroom both during and long after the renovation process  

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