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House Extensions: Why Hire a Professional
Extensions November 9 2023

You may be tempted to save your home extension budget by attempting a DIY job, but we must warn you: the task is not to be underestimated.

There are myriad components to any home extension, from demolition and waste removal to structural design, waterproofing, and insulation. These components span disciplines of carpentry, architecture, and often plumbing and electrical work. So, unless you possess all of these skills and the experience to execute them correctly, a DIY job may incur more costs than merely hiring a professional.

In short, yes, it is necessary to hire a professional for any home extension. At length, allow us to explain how doing so can save you time, money and the embarrassment of a botched job.

At Melbourne Construction Solutions, we proudly provide Melbourne with builders from Boronia to Broadmeadows and everywhere in between.

If you need expert advice to give your home a facelift, get in touch and let the professionals get to work.

So, How Can Professionals Help?

Planning and design

An experienced builder has seen and done it all before. They’ve consulted on wild designs, knocked out walls, measured twice, cut once, and constructed all kinds of funky home extensions.

With all of this experience, they will happily consult with you on your ideal design and bring it to life in an agreed timeframe. It’s important to discuss all the details with your builder right from the start so that they understand what you want and you understand their capabilities.

Once you’ve had an initial consultation, they can draft a rough plan for you to sign off. If the design is highly technical, they may consult with an architect to make sure the new design is structurally safe and sound.


Frankly, this may be one of the only steps between design and painting that you can contribute to, so dig out that sledgehammer. Of course, we highly recommend confirming with your builder which parts need demolishing and which can stay. The last thing you want is to knock out a wall that didn’t need removing, nor do you want to damage any structural parts of your house. These mistakes can be far more costly than hiring someone else to do the demolition for you.

Structural work

These are the bones of your home, and they’re essential to making sure your investment doesn’t blow away on a windy day. Whether you’ve chosen timber or structural steel to hold up the roof, you’ll want a professional to double and triple-check the craftsmanship throughout this step.

Installing a home’s inner walls involves complex joinery and an intimate knowledge of how the home will look upon completion. While you’ve likely got the latter, the former takes years of building to master.

Insulation, plumbing and cabling

Now that the walls are in place, it’s time to fill them with all the important stuff. There’s insulation for climate control and energy efficiency, plus plumbing and cabling for more obvious reasons.

While you may be able to help with the former – placing batons of carbon fibre between the walls – plumbing and cabling require more specialist skills. The consequences of poor plumbing can lead to leaks and expensive water damage, while poor electrical work can gravely danger you and your family. Neither of these consequences is worth the cost savings of a DIY job.


With all due respect to Melbourne’s plasterers, there may be an opportunity for the homeowner to help with this step. At the very least, you can fetch the professional a cup of tea or coffee while they do the hard work. Once the plasterboard is in place, however, you may feel confident enough to help seal up the home. If you’re not too fussed about a messy finish to your new home extension, you may be inclined to help out, otherwise, a professional plasterer will be more likely to offer a clean cornice.


This task will vary in difficulty depending on your choice of flooring, but getting a level finish requires a precise professional in any case.

This is best left to the professionals because flooring often coincides with other tasks, such as plumbing and ducted heating. Of course, there are few builders who will reject your offer of sweeping up after they’re finished laying the groundwork.


Finally! Everyone knows how to whack on a coat of paint. Of course, a professional painter will likely do a much nicer job, but that’s not where everyone wants to put their extension budget. If you’ve run out of cash to splash on a pro painter, there’s no harm in trying your hand at this honourable craft.

Contact the Professionals

Melbourne Constructions Solutions has grown a reputation for quality craftsmanship, and we hope to help out with a home extension near you soon. If you need more advice on DIY projects, get in touch and ask how it all comes together.
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