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How to Pick the Right Decking Material
Carpenter September 28 2023
There are numerous reasons to build a deck; from hosting fancy dinner parties, to planning a quiet wine and dine for yourself, a deck can be a simple yet elegant addition to your patio. Besides presenting a tone of class, a good deck can also help boost your property value. However, this strongly depends on the deck and the quality of the build. With the number of options available in today’s market, we understand how overwhelming it can be, which is why we’ve got you covered. At Melbourne Construction Solutions, we come with trained professionals alongside a wealth of knowledge that will help you choose the right materials and build the deck you’re hoping for. Across a range of Melbourne’s suburbs like Camberwell, Doncaster or Boronia builders with all the skills and professionalism are on offer.

Selecting the materials

One of the key decisions to make while building a deck is choosing between durability and appeal. Timber is sourced from regrowth forests and plantations, while composite is factory-made with sawdust and plastics. A lot of customers tend to hold misconceptions about composite material since it is man-made and may not hold the same natural aesthetic as timber. And they would be right to some degree. However, composite material addresses all the main issues that timber decking might encounter such as staining, warping, and rotting.

Installation of the material

In the pursuit of cost-efficient materials, many buyers forget to factor in the cost of their cost of installation and the associated labour. Considering this is where a majority of your budget is allocated, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t slip your mind. Between timber and composite decking, the latter tends to be much more convenient as it is made with special fixings that enables quick installation. Composite decking can also be taken onboard as a DIY project as no special tools are required. Timber is a little more complex and usually comes with a cost factor as it is recommended to call experts to help with the installation process.


If time tends to be a problem for you, then we’d recommend materials other than timber. A well-maintained timber deck can take time and dedication to cleaning it regularly, oiling it yearly, and occasionally resurfacing it. Composite material, on the other hand, is much easier to maintain as it’s just a simple clean that is required.


Timber tends to have an aesthetically natural appeal to it, leading a vast majority of homeowners to favour it. If it wasn’t for the higher maintenance responsibilities, we would assume almost all would opt for timber. However, composite does hold much higher design flexibility as it can be manufactured into beautiful curves with finite accuracy.

Why Melbourne Construction Solutions?

We can all agree on how much easier it would be to hire a professional while building your deck. At Melbourne Construction Solutions, we are confident that our professionalism and peace of mind outweighs any labour and installation costs. Get in touch with us right away so that we can talk about this addition to your new home!

Image source:   Bronia Builder