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How to Know if Carpet Will Suit Your Home
Carpenter October 10 2022
Whether you are renovating or constructing a new home, carpet is a great choice for flooring. But how do you know if a carpet will suit your home? Whether it’s carpeting, decking or bathrooms, Melbourne Construction Solutions will make sure you get the best Carpenter. Boronia, Camberwell, Mitcham and more – we operate all around Melbourne.

Matching Your Lifestyle

Not only can carpeting look beautiful and set a great atmosphere, it also brings a range of practical benefits. Unlike hard flooring surfaces, carpet acts as a filter. This means that it will trap particles such as dust and pollen, keeping the particles out of the air and away from your lungs. The soft surface of a carpet also reduces noise. Running or stepping won’t result in the loud creaks and stamps that can result from floorboards or tiling. This softer surface will also be more slip resistant and act as a cushion in case you do fall. Carpet also acts as ground insulation. Not only will your feet be warmer, but your entire home will retain heat more effectively. One reason people may be hesitant to install carpet is the cleaning factor. Whereas floorboards or tiles can be simply mopped, this is not the case for carpet. Parents of young children or pet owners may be especially wary of this, and for good reason. But modern carpeting comes in a range of different materials. Some materials are more stain-resistant than others. For instance, carpets made from nylon fibre are hardier and easier to clean than other carpets.

How to Match a Carpet to the Aesthetic of Your Home.

When deciding on your carpet, it’s important to find something that will complement the rest of your home. The tone and atmosphere of your home is really important, so it’s worth putting time and thought into deciding on the best match for you. Different colours can invoke different feelings. Here are some examples:
  • Reds and oranges communicate stimulation and intensity.
  • Blues and greens communicate calm and nature.
  • Purples, greys and blacks communicate elegance and royalty.
  • Whites and light colours are quite neutral, allowing you to define the atmosphere with art or furniture.
If you like changing the feeling of your home throughout the year, this latter option would be a great choice, as furniture and art can be swapped around easier than a change of carpet. Lighter colours can also open up a room and make it feel larger than it really is, whereas darker tones can make a room feel smaller and cosier. If you are keeping your existing wall colour, take this into account too. What colours and tones would go well next to it? It is common to keep colours either neutral or within the same colour range, all working towards the same atmosphere. There is no ‘right’ answer. Only you can decide what is best for your home. For all your carpentry and construction queries, reach out to Melbourne Construction Solutions today. Carpenter Boronia