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How to Install a New Door
Uncategorized June 16 2023
Whether you’re looking to replace an old worn-out door or create a completely new one, installing a new door can be a rewarding project that adds both functionality and a new look to your home. Proper installation is key to ensuring a working door that won’t give you any hassle.

At Melbourne Construction Solutions, we’re passionate purveyors of carpentry services Melbourne-wide. We’ve provided steps below to ensure your door is installed correctly, but if you’re looking for aid from a professional carpenter Ferntree Gully, Burwood, Mulgrave and Ringwood are just a few of the areas we service. Get in touch today!

Measure and Prepare

Measure the height, width and thickness of your door frame. Choose a door that matches these measurements to ensure a proper fit. If you are replacing an old door, remove it by unscrewing the hinges and carefully lifting it out.

Trim the Door to Size

Even if you precisely measure your door and frame, you can easily make a mistake with a stray millimetre or two. So, you may need to trim the new door to fit the frame. If there is a large difference in size between your door and frame, you should measure and mark the excess material that needs to be removed with a straightedge and pencil. Use a saw to carefully cut along the marked lines, ensuring smooth and even cuts. If it is a small amount, consider simply sanding it to size.

Place the Hinge

Next, position the door in the frame, resting it on shims (small wedges that are placed between the ground and the bottom of the door) to achieve the desired height. Align the hinges on the door with the hinge recesses in the door frame and mark the locations for the hinge screws using a pencil. Now, use a chisel to create shallow recesses for the hinges to sit level. Place the hinges in the recesses, ensuring they are aligned with the marks that you made earlier. Secure them with screws, making sure they are tight but not over-tightened, as this can negatively impact the movement of the door. Test the door by opening and closing it to ensure that it swings well.

Ensure Correct Alignment

Proper alignment is crucial for a functional door. Adjust the shims as needed to ensure the door is plumb, level and square within the frame. Use a level to check for vertical and horizontal alignment, adjusting the shims until the door is perfect.

Screw the Door in Place

Once the door is aligned, secure it in place. Drive screws through the hinge plates and into the door frame.

Add the Finishing Touches

Use a drill to install the doorknob, latch, knocker or any other accessories. If you’d like to paint or stain your door to match your house, now is the perfect time to do so.

Hire the Experts

Installing a door is a bigger undertaking than it may seem, and when you consider the tools you need it can quickly get expensive. Cut out the hard work and hire our expert team. Get in touch today to find out more.

Image Source: Carpenter, Ferntree Gully