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What Does Carpentry Involve?
Carpenter June 6 2022

Carpentry is not just building homes and fixing roofs. It is a physically demanding job that comes with extra perks and benefits for those who work hard. Carpenters have varied work that requires considerable skills and time management. Have you ever wondered what carpentry involves? You may be looking for carpentry services Melbourne-wide or genuinely interested in learning about this skill. Either way, we have got you covered. Let us look at what carpentry involves. 


What Does a Carpenter Do?


Who do you call when you come across an issue regarding wooden structures? A carpenter. This is precisely what they do – shape, cut, and install wood for buildings and other small structures. A position in construction work makes this job versatile and physically attractive.


They manage everything that involves wood, from installing timber on roofs, floors, and walls to constructing skirting boards, doors, window frames, and other household structures. They also execute other tasks, including:


Working with Customers and Clients.


This includes interpreting blueprints, translating drawings, designing projects, and giving advice to customers. Inspiring your client is no easy job, and a carpenter who is good at his job knows how to satisfy his customer.


Building and Crafting Projects.


Did you know carpenters not only build new wooden projects but can also help you repair a damaged one? That is a part of their job. They can help you in designing or rebuilding a project from scratch. 


Using a Variety of Tools and Equipment.


A large part of carpentry involves working with different power tools and equipment. And these are not just manual tools – even computers are now a part of modern carpentry. Various software are used to design wooden projects nowadays.


Types of Carpentry Work


Carpenters can specialise in several types of carpentry work. Do you want to construct a wooden bookshelf, install timber on your roof, or design new furniture for your room? Carpentry is a skill that has an answer to your concern. Some of the types of carpentry work include:


Rough Carpentry.


You may have already gotten a hint by the name. Rough carpentry does not involve designing shelves or cabinets; instead, it involves outside work such as planning, building, and maintaining building structures. 

Trim Carpentry.

This involves building trims and mouldings of rooms. It has two further types which include Green Carpentry and Scenic Carpentry. Someone who specialises in this type also has a specific taste for building materials.

Cabinet Carpentry.

Cabinet Carpentry involves building cabinets for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other areas where required.

Ship Carpentry.

Carpenters who specialise in this type focus on shipbuilding. Is the ship meeting all client demands? Are its structure and appearance satisfactory? Confirming this is a part of their job.

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