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Five Outdoor Decking Ideas for Summer
Decking October 27 2021
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Five Outdoor Decking Ideas for Summer

November is here and summer is almost upon us. After the long winter months and a chilly September, Melbournians are keen to get out in the sun and enjoy some well-earned socialising. And now we can have guests at our homes again, where better to do that than in your own backyard?

If you don’t have much of an outdoor entertaining area, or if yours could use a little TLC before you’re ready to welcome family and friends, Melbourne Construction Solutions are here to help. MCS is one of the leading builders of decking Melbourne wide, and we’re the carpenter Boronia residents have come to rely on for outstanding workmanship with fast, professional, friendly service. Still not sure where to start? In this blog, we share some of our favourite outdoor decking ideas to get the cogs turning.

Undercover Decking

We’re all itching to step outside and soak up some rays, but it’s not going to be sunny all year round. Building a covered deck area means you’ll still be able to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is less than ideal, and it will also protect your outdoor settings from the harsh elements like wind and rain. It’s also definitely worth keeping in mind just how sweltering Melbourne summers get and how dangerous too much exposure to the sun can be, even with hats and sunscreen.

Built-in Seating

There are plenty of great options for classy, comfortable, and durable outdoor furniture that can be quickly packed away when the weather gets too hairy, but you might also want to consider having seating built into your decking area. Not only does this eliminate the need to set up and pack away your settings every time you want to head out to the deck, it can also add elegance and character.

Work with Natural Elements

Maybe you’d like an outdoor deck but don’t want to level all the natural growth in your yard to do it. With a little problem-solving ingenuity, there’s no reason you can’t have both! Design your decking to work around the natural elements. You will inevitably need to do a little pruning and landscaping to make way for your new entertaining area, but if there’s a tree that’s currently taking pride of place, in most cases you’ll be able to leave it exactly where it is and simply make space in your decking to accommodate it. Now you have a unique, attractive centrepiece and you’ve saved a little piece of nature.

Multi-Level Decking

Backyard not perfectly flat? Don’t worry, you can turn this to your advantage with a multi-level deck. This will take a little more work and financial investment than single-level options, but the results can be spectacular. You can use different levels to create separate zones for cooking, eating, lounging, and socialising.

Timber Pool Decking

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool already or you’re thinking of installing one, timber decking is an attractive, practical, affordable option. Another benefit of timber is that it doesn’t get anywhere near as hot as tiles or brick when exposed to the sun, making for a much more comfortable lounging experience.

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