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Caring For Your Deck
Carpenter May 5 2022

A deck is undoubtedly a considerable investment. If you have one on your property, you may want to know how to look after it. Cleaning and maintaining your deck is essential to preserve its quality. If your deck is appropriately looked after and cared for, it can last for years and retain its natural appearance. A clean and well-maintained deck has the potential to keep its vibrant colours throughout the year. If you are confused about maintaining your deck, do not worry. Melbourne Construction Solutions has got you covered. MCS provides carpentry services Melbourne-wide and can help you keep your deck in tip-top shape. There are various ways to look after your deck. If you observe these steps regularly, you will no doubt get the most out of your deck.

Clean Your Deck Regularly

Cleaning the deck is a two step process. You have to prepare it first and then clean it. To prepare the deck, remove all kinds of furniture and objects from the deck and make the space accessible. If the items are heavy and you cannot move them, you can cover them with sheets. After that, sweep the deck. Ensure all loose dirt, sticks, leaves, and other dirty elements are removed from the deck. Clean your furniture and place it back on the deck. 

Oil Your Deck Regularly

You may have already looked up the benefits of staining or oiling. There is a lot of information circulating on the internet, and you may get confused. Both options are good. It all comes down to your preference – whether you want to enhance the current colour of your deck or want to change it. If you choose to oil your deck, it will prevent the damage caused by the Sun. UV rays can cause the deck to crack and shrink. Oiling your deck will enhance its colour. Oil can be water-based or non-water-based. Both types will protect your deck. However, there is a slight difference. Water-based oils are long-lasting as they sit on top of the wood. They also do not impact the deck’s natural colour as significantly. Non-water-based oils go deep into the wood and protect it from water damage.

Stain Your Deck Occasionally

There are two reasons you should stain your deck. The first benefit is that it changes the colour of the wood. The second is that it enhances the resistance against harmful UV rays. One of the best things about staining your deck is that it makes changing the colour of your deck super easy. How you choose to oil or stain your deck also depends on your type of deck. We recommend you reach out to MCS for any further information.

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